Random Trivia from the Giggly Roots Garden

Vol 1, No. 1, Is. 1
December 2011

Buffalo RockSince clearing the forest in anticipation of planting peonies, we have had a white buffalo lazing about in our field.  We tried for two years to work around it.  We ignored it. We worked alongside it.  We even frequently took our breaks in its vicinity. 

We debated about how to get rid of it (or even if we should).  We contemplated digging a hole in hopes it would fall in; in fact we had a contractor come by with a small excavator, but he couldn't dig a deep enough hole.  We thought maybe lasso it and try to lead it from the field.  We had a larger tractor come in to dig up some roots, but even it couldn't get it to go on its way.  So, we ignored it some more and tried to just go about our business as if it wasn't there. 

But it became the 'elephant in the room'; better said, the 'buffalo in the field'.  It just couldn't be ignored.  It had to be dealt with, particularly since we started seeing glimpses of smaller buffalo dotting the field.  We were ready to begin working on that area where it is always seen.  We needed to prepare more beds for a fall planting.  Our luxury of ignoring it had ended!  So what do we do?  You know what we did?  We ignored it some more.  My engineer husband with the precise eye for creating straight lines and estimating distance, determined that it was far enough away from our next stage of planting that we could go ahead with our activities and ignore it some more!  So we did.

By the time we were finished preparing the next stage of planting, the discussions again began!  What to do with the buffalo.  We knew there were others, but this one had to be dealt with immediately.  The others would have to be located later and dealt with some other time.  We were told of a fella with a very large excavator.  We tracked down his number and timidly gave him a call knowing he would probably not believe a word we were saying.  He didn't, but he humored us and brought his equipment to take a look.  Once he was at the farm, he realized we weren't joking!    Then, came the exact problem-solving huddle that so many people make fun of when they see construction workers standing around watching a lone worker work.  Except we were watching the buffalo.  The conversation was: "Well, we could do this, but maybe that wBuffalo Rockould happen".  "What if…", " I don't know if I can…", "I'm not sure it will…"  Eventually the decision was made to just do it. And so he did.  He dug.  Scoop, after scoop, after scoop, after scoop of soil was dug out and made into a pile.  Eventually, it happened.  It started to move!  It was decided that a lasso wouldn't work because the equipment wouldn't be able to handle it.  So the buffalo was pushed and prodded, pushed and prodded until it stopped at the entrance of the driveway.

Funny thing; now that it is lazing about at the entrance to the farm; it doesn't look at all like a buffalo.  If you look at it from the correct angle it looks more like a bear!  We'll be after the others next year; but at least this 'buffalo in the field' is finally out!

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